NOIR Darkroom is a private darkroom and gallery that is run similar to an ARI. We run our exhibition space at cost and do not profit off artists.


After an amazing run, NOIR Darkroom will officially close in February 2021. NOIR is forever grateful to our artists, patrons, and volunteers for helping to turn this space into an arts community.


With a passion for fine arts and chemistry based photography, we have embarked on a journey to create a space to facilitate, educate and collaborate with artists of all skill and age levels. 


Experimental photographer Jessica Schwientek had been striving towards creating a chemistry based photographic facility in Melbourne for several years before NOIR darkroom found a home in Coburg. 

After spending a year working on a business plan, market testing and researching, NOIR officially came into being and launched a crowdfunding campaign mid 2016. With a small goal of $5,000 successfully reached NOIR's journey began.

As a grassroots organisation, every aspect of NOIR has been the fruition of hard work, volunteers donating time and goods, and constant fundraising. 9 months after the crowdfund, NOIR found a forever home in Melbourne's north and the works began immediately.

NOIR darkroom's Gallery officially opened its doors on the 21st April 2017 with a fantastic response. 26 local and national artists from a diverse range of creative disciplines exhibited in the inaugural show, 'In Black and White', showcasing digital and analogue photography, illustration, painting, cross stitch, jewellery, and mixed media works.

NOIR is reaching new goals every day with a vision for a space that will connect the creative community through experimentations in art and invite anyone to learn and explore creative arts in a non judgemental, free for all environment.