What has changed and how you can help us

Things aren't looking too great for us. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our patrons and we will try to keep you all as informed to all updates to our operation as we get through these next few weeks. Having already cancelled Developing Fashion (which would have been showing now) we lead into COVID-19 in an already compromised position.




Darkroom Garage Sale

Our garage sale scheduled for this Sunday 10am - 2pm is STILL SET TO GO AHEAD.

At this time we are happy to keep our doors open BUT we will be taking extra safety precautions on the day.

Such as:

- Bring your own bag

- We will limit the amount of people in the gallery at any given time

- Pay by card where possible (we have tap and go facilities available) or correct  


- If you are unwell or concerned about the health of those around you PLEASE STAY


- All staff/volunteers will wear gloves and have hand sanitiser available to them

- We are aiming for zero personal contact on the day


If at the end of the day there are items of interest available we will list them online for sale over the following week. To be perfectly honest, we really need this to go ahead so we can pay our rent.



After discussion with the artist we have decided that next weeks exhibition 'Seeds of the Sinner' by Robert Duxbury will go ahead as scheduled. HOWEVER, Friday's opening night has been cancelled. 


Robert plans to spend more time in the gallery so he can meet with patrons in place of the opening. Dates and times to be confirmed, so keep an eye on our socials.


We do urge you to still come along and see the show during our regular business hours to support Robert and his incredible art practice. It is a one week exhibition only, so don't put it off.


If you are unwell please stay at home, we will work extra hard to ensure our website is up to date with all imagery and purchasing information.


Extra health and hygiene procedures will be in place for all gallery operations.



We are still in contact with the artists but it is looking likely that Idle Hours Club will either be postponed or cancelled. We are working with our artists to give them options and allow them to take the lead in these tough decisions to least hinder their practices. We currently have artists all the way up until May wishing to alter exhibition dates and it is likely that the fallout from COVID-19 may affect us and our gallery schedule throughout the coming year.



Workshops scheduled over the next week will still go ahead. With small enrolments we are confident we can ensure the health and safety of our students during this time.


There may be alterations to classes after this time. We will continue to listen to the advice of health professionals as we make these decisions.



This is going to be a tough stint for all of us and we are taking quite a blow financially. Our worst fear is that we might not have the resources to continue business post COVID-19. We do not profit off of our exhibitions but they do sustain all gallery costs such as rent, utilities, rates and insurance. With exhibition changes, lost gallery fees  and no profit from bar sales we are going to struggle to make some of these payments especially if isolations continue for longer than the initial expected two weeks.

We have also had a massive dip in workshop bookings (with many being cancelled) and darkroom bookings. This is usually where we make the profits that keep the space running.


SO how can you help us get through this rough patch? 


  • Book into a workshop. Even if it is months in the future, by pre paying for a class you can help sustain us. We will work to add more future dates to our program and list dates further in advance than our usual 3 months.
  • Come to our Darkroom Garage Sale. Come buy all of our hordes of darkroom stuff. Everything is preloved and in varying conditions but we have loads of great things to give new homes including cameras, lenses, enlargers and all kinds of darkroom tools and equipment.
  • Schedule some private tutoring. I'm likely to have some extra free time over the coming weeks so book me to teach you all the analogue and chemical based photography skills you've always wanted to learn. I know stuff and I love teaching it to others. We can keep appropriate distances at all times and still have a successful session.
  • Book the darkroom. We have always strived to give private darkroom sessions to people where possible and now is your time to get in those extra printing times without having to share the space with many others. I myself am planning to get in some extra printing time over the next few weeks, so come and join me. We can wear masks if it helps you feel comfortable.
  • Buy film online. Did you know you can buy film and some cameras directly from our website?!?!  It's true. And we'll try to update and add extra goodies to our online store during this period.
  • Buy a Darkroom Membership. Becoming a member of NOIR Darkroom opens you up to a range of discounted services and special offers. For an annual feel of $50 you will have access to: Discounted darkroom hire fee's, an invite to exhibit in the annual members art exhibition, exclusive members offers, significantly discounted private tutoring
  • Send us a friendly message. The last few days have been hard, so just a quick message to say 'everything will be alright' or 'you guys are doing a great job' will make the world of difference.