We currently offer 6 enlargers, simple wet tray darkroom printing and b&w film development equipment.


Although the darkroom is not 100% complete it is completely functional.


We are offering the darkroom for hire for developing film or black and white photo printing

at a significantly discounted price of $10 per hour whilst it is still in it's unfinished state.


If you are interested in hiring the darkroom please e-mail us at info@noirdarkroom.com to make a time during business hours.


If you are relatively confident with darkroom practice but need a few pointers we are happy to pass on any knowledge we can.


If you are a newcomer and want to learn darkroom practice we recommend you partake in one of our 'Intro to Darkroom' and 'Intro to Analogue' workshops. We can also do one on one tutoring upon request.


We can highly recommend Strange Neighbour in Fitzroy and Fox Darkroom in Kensington if you require a more advanced darkroom set up at this time.

Darkroom practice is now referred to as 'retro' by some film enthusiasts who shoot film purely to scan into the digital realm. This is reasonable considering scanning technologies are really amazing these days. We even offer a scanning station for those wanting to do so, but we also feel that there is nothing comparable to the act of darkroom printing and creating a physical photograph.


Darkroom printing can be magical and rewarding, offering a unique, personal and hands on experience. Watching silver react in a developing tray to create a photographic image is breathtaking and surprisingly easy to do. We want to share this experience with you and help make darkroom practice a normal and widely used medium again.


We offer a space that accommodates learning and experimentation. We encourage newcomers to come in and have a go and learn off the community of artists working together. We want our space to be used creatively and for people to push boundaries.


All of our enlargers are different, ranging in difficulty and quality to match our patrons needs. Our equipment and facility is generally aimed to accommodate beginner and intermediate skill levels but we do have professional enlargers available upon request.