Our darkroom is currently under some great upgrades thanks to support from Moreland City Council and Auspicious Arts.


New lighting and exhausts have already been installed, safe power boxes and new wiring have been put in place and our darkroom sink has been connected up to water supply and an acid dilution tank.


Budget depending we will also be acquiring a new negative drying cabinet and maybe a JOBO processor as well as building the final remaining enlarger station.


We are still open for bookings during business hours at the discounted rate of $10 ph across the board. New rates will be effective as of August 4th and darkroom memberships will be available for purchase.


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Alternatively you can e-mail us at info@noirdarkroom.com to make a booking during business hours.


If you are relatively confident with darkroom practice but need a few pointers we are happy to pass on any knowledge we can.


If you are a newcomer and want to learn darkroom practice we recommend you partake in one of our 'Intro to Darkroom' and 'Intro to Analogue' workshops. We can also do one on one tutoring upon request.