The darkroom is closed for now due to COVID-19

Darkroom printing/enlarging can be magical and rewarding; offering a unique, personal and hands on experience.


Watching silver react in a developing tray to create a photographic image is breathtaking and surprisingly easy to do. We want to share this experience with you and help make darkroom practice a normal and widely used medium again.


We offer a space that accomodates learning and experimentation. We encourage newcomers to come in and have a go in our safe space. We want our space to be used creatively by our patrons and for people to use it as an opportunity to push boundaries.


All of our enlargers are different and range in difficulty and quality to match our patrons needs. Our equipment and facility is generally aimed to accomodate beginner and intermediate skill levels but we do have a large format enlarger and more professional equipment upon request.


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B+W Film Developing

$15 ph

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$20 ph

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Darkroom Printing

$15 ph

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$22 ph

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Private Tutoring

$45 ph

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$70 ph

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Scanning (V800)

$13 ph

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$17 ph

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All basic black and white chemistry is provided as part of your booking fee. If printing/enlarging you MUST supply your own paper. We stock a limited amount to purchase at this stage but can recommend Vanbar in Fitzroy for paper purchases.

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*If it is your first booking with NOIR please allow an extra 15 minutes for a safety induction

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