We offer the use of our Epson Perfection V800 photo scanner for high res film scanning. It is a high quality flatbed, photographic scanner that produces remarkable results. It’s perfect for the professional or enthusiast who shoots film or wishes to digitise their analogue collection or prints.



Flatbed scanning can be slow depending on the resolution of the scan but also is worth the time for big enlargements. Expect anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hrs to scan a whole 36 exp roll of 35mm film depending on quality. We recommend a small (1200dpi to 2400dpi) scan of whole rolls then a larger scan of select individual frames. Our scanner scans up to 9800dpi. 



We charge $13 AUD per hour for members and $17 AUD per hour for non members to use the scanner. Included is a lesson on how to use the scanner and its software at no extra cost. Scanning negatives or photos yourself means you can get the scan you want and we don't have to see your scans (no invasion of privacy)


 ***If you wish to use your own computer please take into account the time taken to download/install scanner software as this time will be included in the overall price.

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