Tooth + Nail - Amber Smith

Amber Smith - Tooth and Nail 


This body of work explores the visual sexual dimorphism present in select groups of animals and to males in the glam metal genre.


Amber directly draws parallels between the scientific process of natural historians with that of fan girl and zine culture in music.


Fundamentally she looks at how the males of both species adorn themselves in order to attract female attention and how this practice is fetishised by both the academic and the fan.



It is often through the accumulation and collection of things that one discovers a personal epilogue of sorts, a tailpiece to the dialogue of life, which serves as an encyclopaedia or individualised museum of totemic objects.


These objects oft evince the artist's memories, thoughts, interests, intrinsic values and concerns and lay bare a deeply personal narrative for the viewer to explore. In this case, the narrative operates at a slowness that requires patience, introspection and reflection, evident in the self-reflexivity of the work.


Amber Smith's artistic output materialises in a variety of media, including drawing, assemblage and installation. Her work examines the institutionalised contexts of the museum and the archive, as well as delving into conceptions of natural history, science, evolution, Darwinism, obsession, collection and 16th century Cabinets of Curiosity (wunderkammer).


Opening Night on 35mm Colour Film