Previous Shows:


Idle Hours Club - Clinton Hayden 


Paper Glass - Sara Cavaiuolo

Without Consent - Anjella Roessler


EGG - Ben Hattingh


Miss Rona - A group exhibition (digital show)


Flowerface - Stephanie Garner


Iso Photo Project 2.0 - Online Exhibition


Social Hieroglyphics - Daniel Worth


Isolation Photo Project - Online Exhibition


Hand Stuff - Group Exhibition


Ponytails - Nina Rose Prendergast


Konnichiwa, Gringos - Ros Pach, Claire And Bob Agnew


Bushfire Relief Fundraiser - Group Exhibition


Trübe - Mariko Naito


Feminist Aesthetic - Group Exhibition 




Another NOIR Holidays - Group Exhibition/Art Party


We Got Chemistry Baby - Group Exhibition Curated by Jessica Schwientek and Angela Cornish


Hidden in Plain Sight - Xander Linger


Everything You Ever Loved Will Disappear - Fox


Fuck This - El Schmiedte


Jimmy - Jameson "Jimmy" Quinlan 


As Above, Almost Below. Between the Stars and the Salton Sea - Sionainne Costello


Fat Feminism - Group Show - Curated by erincox


Untitled Movie Stills - Jessica Candradi


What Can I Get Ya? - Amanda Santuccione


Build/Fall - Cristal Johnson


All The Things That Remain - Group Exhibition


Sadness is Sexy - Jessica Schwientek


F*EMS issue 14 Zine Launch 


Some Words Put Together in a Melancholy, But Beautiful Kinda Way - Group Exhibition Curated by Angela Cornish


Clairvoyance - PIC Diploma Student Exhibition 


How Much is this Blanket Really Worth - Katie Theodrus


Cut Copy Paste 2 The art of the Zine - Group Exhibition


Street, An Exploration of Street Photography - Group Exhibition 


Congregated Segregation - Nic Malacari


Create (from) Waste - Xander Linger


Think - Ros Pach


Embedded - Curated by Tania Ferrier for International Womens Day


Elly Steinlauf - Window Exhibition 


Olive Green, Pale Blue - Caitlin Murphy


Perspective - Pushpa Murugan







A Very NOIR Holidays - Group Exhibitions


BEAT - Angela Cornish 


Obscuring the Camera - Curated by Nicholas Brunker and Jessica Schwientek


Stay Safe - Curated by Jessica Schwientek


Our Shadows - Curated by Lisa Jacomos, Amelia Saward and Maria Thanaraj


Ya Could Have Been The Love of Me Life - Chelsea Arnott


Growing a Golden Slug in a Bath of Acid - Ross Vaughan


Fuck [,] What You Have Lost - Georgia Anne


Selfie - Abe Dunovits


Binary - PIC Student Exhibition


The Great Wall of Organised Chaos - Samantha Taylor


Purgatory - Kate Hodgetts


26 take 26 = zero - Amber Smith


Don't Just Look - Gracie Edwards


Spidergirl - Tammy Honey


big SMALL (Works) Birthday Bash - Various Artists


Wunderkammer - Shaun Wilson


New Works 2018 - Sophia Honey Wilson and Isabella Honey Wilson


Super Awful Meta War Machines - Curated by Shaun Wilson


This Moment - Group Exhibition - Curated by Jessica Schwientek


Angry Underwear vs. Inspector SorrowTania Ferrier & Negin Sarifzadeh


Leftover - Various artists


Transcendence - Gennevive Collier


Back to Remember - Poramet Pawanna




Elephant Candy - Dare Tekin


Oddities - GEO + She's Beast Fool (ft. Ezzy)


Cut Copy Paste - The Art of the Zine - Various Artists, Curated by Jessica Schwientek


Window Shopping - Chelsea Arnott


Artefacts from 21st Century Humans - Curated by Mystery K


Piece of Me - Various Artists - Curated by Emily Dunstan


Exquisite Ladder - Silvia Sellitto 


The Colour Field - SPROUT Various Artists


Momentum - Kat Banakh


Portraits - Anne Shchulz


No More Flamingos and Pineapples Please - GEO


...and Then it Happened/Funny Little Drawings - Caroline McGrath


Tooth + Nail - Amber Smith


Koi Baat Nahi - Cris Moses


The Earth is Flat - The Artist Formerly Known as Anomaly and Luca Donio


Trashed - Various Artists, Curated by Jessica Schwientek


Autumn - Various Artists, Curated by Jessica Schwientek


In Black and White - Various Artists, Curated by Jessica Schwientek


*Image from Silvia A Sellitto's 'Exquisite Ladder'