26 take 26 equals zero

Amber Smith





In this show, Amber Smith deals with repressed trauma through the collection and curation of things; compartmentalising, mediating and categorising an archive of totemic entries that act as mnemonic devices for stored memories. This exhibition is part of a larger ongoing project for Amber Smith’s PhD. 


Using found objects and assemblage, Amber Smith explores the psychoanalytic motivations behind contemporary collecting practices. Her work attempts to find an assuaging material form in order to subdue the anxieties of modern life.


Through collecting mementos and curio she strives to form and find stability and reassurance, whilst also indulging her neurotic, compulsive need to accumulate. Amber Smith also investigates contemporary museum and curatorial practices. 



Amber Smith studied a BA of Design Arts (Visual Arts Major) at the Academy of Design Australia graduating as DUX. She also has First Class Honours in the Creative Arts at Deakin University where she is currently undertaking her PhD. Amber is the current Curator and Visual Arts Programmer at the Courthouse Youth Arts in Geelong and is also a tutor at LCI in Collingwood, Melbourne. She is currently living in Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula.