When dealing with grief I find myself continuously measuring your absence. It is not just measured in the usual way of days, weeks and years. For me it is also measured in the day to day routine; the amount of cups of tea I have had since you, the amount of walks we would have gone on, how long my hair is getting, how many blocks of cheese the house has gone through. With every sip and step I count how much further away you are becoming. This installation is dedicated to you, Alby.


Three more sips is an interactive installation exploring the transition of holding onto a chapter of your life that is already over and having to chose to go forward in the already happening world. The installation will be a sculpture of a tree created by tea bags and paper. There will also be an abundance of leaves on the ground (or tea bags if I can find enough). Under the tree will be a bench for the viewers to take a seat on, preferably one at a time.