Curated by Emma Armstrong-Porter and Jessica Schwientek

May 18th - June 4th

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Sarah Walker

Morning light, Cundare, 2016

digital print


Framed $250

Mike Greaney

Trentham, 11:15am, 2017
Digital print from Tintype
Trentham, 12:30pm, 2017
Digital print from Tintype
$300 each, framed

Laura Martin

Light Between the Torii Gates, 2014

Photograph 30 x 39cm (with frame 53 x 63cm)

Inkjet Digital Print


OLN-Y the Artist

Pretty Creepy, 2017

Acrylic on canvas

76x51 cm



Beauty Queen, 2017Acrylic on canvas

51x61 cm



In every dream home a heartache, 2017

Acrylic on canvas

51x76 cm


Molly Patton

Fractal i, and Fractal ii

Metallic Print on Acrylic
20 x 30cm


Toots Mcgee

SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Cross stitch


Meghan Black

Autumn, 2017

oil on linen


Mark Grant

The Impossibility of Returning Home #001, 2017

Digital Inkjet Print
30 x 20 inches


Melissa Rolfe

Water Dance, 2016
Pigment Inkjet Print


River Reeds, 2016
Pigment Inkjet Print


Barnacles, 2016
Pigment Inkjet Print

$180 each, framed

Sarah Hayes

Autumn Afternoon (Japanese movie 1962), 2017
Vinyl, acrylic, charcoal and pen on canvas board



Marilyn Hughes

Urban Boy with O’Clock Autumn Shadow, 2017

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Jessie Scott

Hard Rubbish Coburg #1, Hard Rubbish Coburg #2 , 2015
Inkjet print from 35mm film
edition of 5
$100 each, unframed

Jude Worters

Untitled Self Portrait (from Protective Objects Series), 2016
Digital Print


POA, unframed

Ingrid Petterson

Secrets, 2017

Mixed medium installation (including limbs, sound, image, bones and hair)


Click here for video preview





Amanda Santuccione
Three sips ago, 2017
Interactive installation


The Captain, 2017

Aerosol and acrylic paint on plaster board (Mural)


Dylan Foley

Autumnal Bliss, 2017


40x40cm frame size


Fern Smith,

Hooked, 2015-2016
Opaque Water Colour on cotton Kinwashi
41 x 41cm


The Calling, 2015-2016
Opaque Water Colour on cotton


Ms Joy, 2015-2016

Opaque Water Colour on cotton

Silk on calico Scroll total size 86x38cm

$650 each

Emma Ruby Armstrong-Porter

Safety in Numbers, 2017

Mixed media (sequins, poly-cotton thread, felt, imitation pearl earrings, gold coloured fringing, liquid nails, found hat)




Bec Johnson

From Darkness Comes Life, 2017

Digital Photograph on Metallic Paper



Emily Dunstan

Braciaca, Goddess of Autumn, 2017

Linoprint, ink on paper



Season of change, 2017

Sculpture (wire, paint)


Natasha Kapustic

Breath of Fresh Air, 2017
Ink, aerosol and tree leaves on paper

Gabrielle Savrone,

"The Autumn Collection"


Beat, 2017
Acrylic, spray and wall paint on canvas
115 x 125 cm
$ 480

Turn, 2017
Glitter + acrylic, spray and wall paint on canvas
110cm x 60cm
$ 680

Dust, 2017
Acrylic, spray and wall paint on canvas
65 cm x 55 cm
$ 360

Falling, 2017

Glitter + acrylic, spray and wall paint on canvas
35 x 35 cm each (Set of 3)
$ 280.00

Endless love, 2014
95 x 60 cm
Acrylic on canvas