big SMALL (Works) Birthday Bash

Curated By: Jessica Schwientek

Assistant Curator: Lisa Jacomos

Happy Birthday to Me




I love these girls.






Jessica and Ruby.


Jessica and Ruby.


Just listen to the sound of their names.


Jessica and Ruby.


They are my friends.


They are my family.


They have given my life new meaning.








I should introduce myself.




My name is NOIR, well that’s the name my new friends have given me. You can find me at 57 Moreland Road, Coburg. I have been there for quite some time, but not in this form. I am now – as I am very proud to announce – the only gallery in Coburg. That’s right; the only gallery. Me. I am a gallery. At first, I wasn’t sure. These two women appeared out of nowhere talking about art and photography and bringing to community together. It seemed like they had a lot of ideas, but I wasn’t sure if their ideas would go anywhere. I watched intently as they started to tear me apart. I felt hollow and empty as I watched the remnants of my former lives stripped away. Yet, it wasn’t until they began to fill me with life and love that I realised: I had always been empty. With each new improvement, I felt the love that they had for me, the love that they had for their vision. It was as though it was spilling forth from them and clinging to my walls. Some of it was caught by the breeze and was sent swirling into the atmosphere.




On the 21 April 2017, I was re-born. The art had arrived and with the art, came a curious new crowd. They were artists, art-lovers, writers, musicians…but mostly, they were family. They were a new family. My family. And, through me, they were a family to each other. Through me, they found a safe space to express themselves, be they artmakers or art-lovers. Sometimes, when the artists are alone, they confide in me. They would tell me things that they couldn’t tell anyone else. They knew I was safe; that I would listen, and I would understand. I’ll tell you a secret: each night, when I am alone, I look around and I feel happy. I look at the art and I know that it means something. I mean something. My previous lives centred around money. People only entered my doors to buy something. Now, people arrive just to be near me, to be near the people that love me. Sometimes, things are sold. Sometimes, they aren’t. It doesn’t matter. No one gets upset; no one sits up all night and cries that they may not make it. The only thought is to generating a community and supporting each other.




In the year that I have existed in this form I have experienced twenty-eight exhibitions, one hundred and twenty-seven artists, thirty-nine workshops, four long-term studio residences and fourteen darkroom artists. Me. I can barely believe it. I hope to remain in this form as long as I can. Until these wonderful women cannot sustain me anymore. Even then, I hope that I will be passed on to another member of this new community. Whatever happens, I hope that I won’t be forgotten. I hope that these two women won’t be forgotten. Jessica and Ruby. My friends. I feel privileged that I can share this journey with them.








Lisa Jacomos


Assistant Curator

Big SMALL (works)

Help NOIR celebrate one year since opening our doors at our big SMALL (Works) Birthday Bash.



Our space has flourished in it's first year and connected us with the great arts community that is Moreland and beyond. Having facilitated 28 exhibitions, 127+ artists, 4 long term studio residencies and a stack of darkroom artists we have a lot to celebrate.


This exhibition features a selection of artists we have worked with over the past year whom have connected with our space and our values.


Below are some images from opening night!!



Download the catalogue for the big SMALL (Works) Birthday Bash
Catalogue - Draft.pdf
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Exhibiting Artists

Amber Smith
Ben Davis
Cassandra Macri

Chelsea Arnott

Chris Moses
Cristal Johnson
Elizabeth Cole
Elly Steinlauf
Empire Of Stuff
Fern Smith
Fox Smoulder
Gabrielle Savrone
Gennivieve Collier
George Ironside (aka GEO)
Jennifer Baird
Jessica Schwientek
Julie Milton
Kate Cerone
Katie Banakh
Katie Theodorus
Kerrie Wood-Garner
Lazarus Acres 
Leona Gardner-Chan

Lisa Jacomos


Mardi Nicholls
Maria Colaidis
Marilyn Hughes
Matthew Zerafa
Meghan Black
Melody Spangaro
Mike Greaney
Nada Stokic
Natalie Bell
Natalie Blom
Natasha Kapustic
Orryelle Defenestrate
Paul Wawryluk

Rachel Lendvay

Rebecca Jordan
Rowan Tydell
Sarah McDonald
Sian Song
Stephanie Garner

Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe
Toots McGee
Vicki Clissold
Victoria Jacgung
Viola V