NOIR is proud to present "Brown Bags" the inaugural solo exhibition of an un-named artist.

The typology of digital still life photographs explores themes of consumerism and the everyday.

It draws on Australian nostalgia picturing quintessential take-away food glistening in oil and sparkling with salt.

The birds eye view of the subjects sheathed in brown paper gives them a certain venerability with the anticipation that the photographer will soon ingest their defenceless prey.

The photos mark the passing of time through the working week as well as giving a sense of place to the images, usually in a transient vehicle in a rush to return to work.

This fast world we live in gives little time to sit and reflect, but Brown Bags does just that, capturing a moment of quiet and indulgence before returning to a laborious afternoon.


See Brown Bags in the NOIR Window Gallery, 14th - 31st December