Congregated, Segregation

Nic Malacari

April 3rd - 14th 2019

Formulated over the last 3 years, Melbourne based artist Nic Malacari, best known for being pigeon holed as the father of gonzo romanticism, presents the first of a series of works detailing his observations on modern day faux pas.


The series alludes to the shortcomings of society and are a tongue and cheek dig at humanities inability to not judge someone or something within two hundredths of a millisecond.  


The title CONGREGATED, SEGREGATION comes from Nic’s desire to create a public space where people from all walks of life can gather together as equals to share their experience.


Influenced by the tradition of storytelling through music Nic has blended his love of the melodies and rhythms of the streets, nature, and live music with the visual medium of oil painting to create an unbalanced environment that gestures the importance of mindfulness and compassion in today’s society.