Cut Copy Paste - # 2

The Art of the Zine

Exhibiting Artists

Image by: Amber is Blue



Amber is Blue

Mel Buttigieig

Frank Candiloro

Maria Colaidis

Gennivieve Collier

Sionainne Costello

Vicki Clissold


Nicola Hardy

Kim Hawdon

Lisa Jacomos




Rebecca Jordan

David K

Stefinie Luhrs (35mm Rule)

Daisy Mak

Emma Noack

Natalie Petrellis

Savi Ross

Samantha Taylor

Isabella Williams

Kerrie Wood


Image by: Emma Noack


Cut, Copy, Paste is back for the second time at NOIR.


Cut, Copy, Paste is a fine art exhibition of local zines where the zine itself is considered for the intricacies and the artwork that has gone into its production.


Unlike a zine fair or a pop up shop this is not a mass collection of zines or a market day but a selection of 20 local artists exhibiting in a contemporary art gallery context. Here the zine becomes the masterpiece exhibited alongside traditional fine art pieces that relate to the artists publication.


A limited 5 copies of each zine will be for sale during the event.


A cozy reading area will be set up in the gallery space so visitors may spend some time within the gallery to delve into the worlds the artists have created. There will also be an official art opening for the show on Friday May 17th from 7-10pm. There will be complimentary light food provided and a bar operating by donation serving wine, bubbles and Hawkers beer.




Cut, Copy, Paste #2 will exhibit at NOIR Darkroom from May 15th - May 26th 2019.