CUT COPY PASTE - The Art of the Zine

Curated by Jessica Schwientek

*Image credit: Sophie McPike from 'Love Letter' zine

NOIR Darkroom & Gallery presents CUT COPY PASTE - The Art of the Zine 

A group exhibition of Zines (that are also art).


Chelsea Arnott
Darcy Berry

Gennivieve Collier
Isabelle McKenna
Jenni Darnell
Jessika K

Lisa Jacomos
Melissa Smith
Natalie Blom
Panisa Ongwat
Rachelle Tarrant
Ruby Knight
Russian Glue Press
Samantha Riegl
Samuel Emery
Sarah McDonald
Silvia A Sellitto
Sophie McPike

Teo Poggi

*Image Credit: Lisa Jacomos from '#metoo' zine

Exhibition will run from 15th - 19th November, with opening celebrations with FREE PUNCH and Zine stalls on Saturday the 18th.


*Image Credit: Samuel Emery from 'Routine' zine



*Image Credit: Known/Unknown from 'B.A.N.I.T' zine

*Image Credit: Samantha Riegl from 'I'm sorry I sold your stuff on ebay' zine

* Image Credit: Anna Wang

NOIR Darkroom will be hosting a ZINE EXHIBITION from November 12th - November 19th


We love zines!


This LOFI DIY event and exhibition will showcase local and "outta town" artists and zine makers.


It will give participants an opportunity to hold their own POP UP ZINE STALL from 12pm - 8pm SATURDAY NOV 18th in the NOIR gallery. Here, they can set up a table and sell zines, comix, t-shirts, patches, pins and other merchandise related to their zines.


$10 entry fee (to cover gallery costs)


1-3 zines (per person) and associated works on paper will be displayed in the gallery during the exhibition.


All zines must have an official GALLERY COPY for display, but duplicates may be sold by the artists.


Works on paper for exhibition must be related to artwork in exhibitors zines and may be of any 2d medium. Including photography, photocopied works, paintings, illustrations, printmaking...etc, BUT must not be any larger that A2.