Don't Just Look

Gracie Edwards

My way of looking has always been from a photographic view.



I walk down the street and my eyes are constantly moving, fixating on every small little detail I can find

within the streetscape, cropping and framing an image in my head.


I have now learned to take this behaviour and use it to fuel abstract works.

Recording and remembering a particular composition or colour combination; or linear works I saw a particular day and using it to create my own abstract language.


I’m consistently using bits of my own daily observations to create colourful abstract paintings, as well as using photography to capture a particular observation first hand, recording and archiving it in 35mm.


This particular body of work looks at my relationship between photography and painting, the commonplace, the familiar, the unimportant, layers, and most dominantly; observation, and the ways in which we observe and what is it we do afterwards.