Pictured: Braciaca, Goddess of Autumn (detail)
She is the Celtic personification of abundance of nature and harvest. She is a curvaceous, vibrant, wise and being the goddess of autumn she is mature. Festivals celebrate her across cultures during the time of harvest, usually the first fruit, with drinking of wine, dancing and offerings. Her abundance is represented in this piece by her beautiful volumous hair, her beauty and wisdom in her eyes.


Not pictured: Season of change, wire paint and concrete

Our time on this world is not about sustaining a consistent, even, predictable life, but about regular and consistent change. Sometimes intentional, sometimes unexpected. With change in our lives, it gives room For spiritual, emotional and even physical growth. This is the role autumn play for for nature. Letting go of the old, those things that are no longer serving us and holding us back, allowing room for those things that help us grow. This piece is about the meeting of nature and human to depict the act of letting go, of releasing those things that no longer serve. It is an active shedding, hands open, chest open releasing actively.