Everything You Ever Loved Will Disappear


A cathartic, melodramatic exploration of heartache and mourning through works from unsent letters, diary entries and distorted photos presented as a shrine to all that’s left, Her absence. The artist weaves in imagery of Our Lady of Sorrows with wounds laid bare and text from Hiroshima Mon Amor and thus make a path to deal with unfathomable feelings of loss and the horror of forgetting that will inevitably follow. In this personal made public work, is a devotional space to honouring all lost romances and visitors are welcomed to participate in the healing rituals of sharing grief and welcome to come lay flowers in the exhibition.  


Fox is a queer, chronically ill artist whose nicknames as a kid were 'Forgetful Jones' and 'Melancholy Molly'. She works mostly in collage, installation and relational aesthetics and has a love of making shrines and safer spaces in art, politics and home life.