Exquisite Ladder - Silvia A Sellitto


Silvia A Sellitto's solo exhibition Exquisite Ladder runs from October 11th until October 22nd. 
Opening night Friday the 13th of October from 6-10pm.


Sellitto's work, featuring photographic print, drawing and mixed media sculpture, uses the humble pantyhose as a starting point to explore gesture. The works also examine altered bodies, methods of disguise and the somewhat damaged aspects of human experience. 

Following her successful exhibition 'Leave The Night Light On' at the Monstalvat 'Long Gallery' in Eltham; 'Exquisite Ladder' is a dark and wonderful exploration of medium, process and the unconscious mind.


Artist's Statement


"Exquisite Ladder" (2017), is a predominantly photographic series, that incorporates sculpture and collage, using experimental portraiture to explore the subconscious though the work's intimate motif. Details of delicate black pantyhose, in a state of permanent unravel, are offered up in their pre-loved, ready-made and macabre-esque forms. Unexpected juxtapositions in the work fuse together a pleasurable and anxious mix of fact and fantasy; tension and suspense.