Fuck This

El Schmiedte


Fuck This is about being completely Done. It's about being fed up with your anxiety disorder, organised religion, the gender binary, climate change and toxic friendships.


It's about being so fed up with these things that you stop letting them dictate how you live your life and instead embrace being your 

most authentic self. 


The work in this exhibition has been powered by anger and defiance and extreme stress. None of it is neat, nothing is perfect – El has chosen to embrace the messiness of real life and in doing so has created a body 

of work that is truly authentic. 


El is an artist, designer and maker whose practice reacts to their experiences as a trans/non-binary person.

Their art-making is cathartic and therapeutic; it is used as a creative output to articulate and ease their

discomfort towards prejudice, societal structures and their concerns for the future unknown.  


With an emphasis on sustainability, El uses found and recycled materials in their multi-disciplinary art

practice. Spanning mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and textiles, El's oeuvre places

emphasis on the experience of making and doing to express their anxieties. Colourful and surrealist works

dream of otherworldly experiences, aside from their own. Their bold and expressive works draws the viewers attention to the importance of therapeutic and restorative actions in a world where you belong

outside the binary. 


El is based in Melbourne and currently works in Sculptural Production and has previously worked in

Costume Design & Making for theatre and dance. They are a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts

in Production Design. 


Fuck This is El's first solo exhibition, presenting their recent series of multi-disciplinary therapeutic art-

making made in response to feeling discontent and resentment towards one's situation.