Meg Andrew


GODLESS is a collection of work featuring deities and icons that are inspired by and a reflection of Meg's current beliefs and the beliefs that shaped her childhood.

Meg Andrew was born in Melbourne, raised by a mother who introduced her to modern art at a young age. In this formative time she felt most drawn to the religious icons that she saw in not only her mothers art books but around her extended family's home.


Meg almost converted to Catholicism, but then came puberty and the opportunity to taste the carnal delights that the church offered in imagery but never delivered in the flesh. 


Now a grown up staunch atheist, Meg is still drawn to the kitsch images of her childhood. Without the promise of an afterlife, she is left to create her own deities and icons which represent them.


Her work, whilst dark at times, is a celebration of mortality. 

GODLESS will exhibit from January 30th to February 10th with the official opening night on Friday the 1st of February.