@ Home in the Internet

A Group Exhibition





When you return from the kitchen to your bedroom, your phone falls out of your pocket and reveals what you’ve missed. You fish it out from the mess of potato chips, gum wrappers and tampons and clomp upstairs to lie down and scroll indefinitely, infinitely...





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@ home in the internet is a group show exploring the phenomenology of digital life and self increasingly sinking into the disparate merging of IRL and online. 

We’ve been alone, together, for much of 2020. The cyber threads that connect us both frustrate and enrich through the stifling confusion of zoom meetings, angrily existential instagram posts, pixels of places we’d rather be and the faces we so dearly miss. 

We’ve learnt of the dangers of algorithms, mindless digital beliefs and the narcissistic competition of social media - but we’ve also been able to harness the internet’s goodness through niche memes, impromptu zoom parties and funny face filters. 

Thankyou for joining us as we peer at ourselves through the darkening screen and wonder what comes next. 


A group exhibition, featuring artwork by 

@camillaeustance__ @fiz_eustance @jess___sea @brigitmaher @gooplia  & @tamara__1997.



Opening event will be live streamed December 2nd Starting at 7pm.


View in person from December 4th.


***Visitors will be able to view @ Home in the Internet during regular business hours via appointment. NOIR Gallery has a maximum capacity of 5 visitors at any given time. If visitors do not have a prior appointment they may be required to wait.


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