Angry Underwear / Inspector Sorrow

An Exhibition by Tania Ferrier & Negin Sarifzadeh




In 1988, an incident at strip club in New York, where Tania Ferrier worked, inspired her to create Angry Underwear; bras and pants with teeth and eyes on them. Initially designed for the strippers to wear on stage, Angry Underwear went on to become an International media sensation.


In Perth in 1991, the exhibition "Angry Underwear and Other Statements" was briefly closed by the Shadow Minister for the Arts, Mr. Pendal, citing inappropriate use of government funding. This in turn led to thousands flocking to see the exhibition at Artemis Gallery when it was re-opened, an event covered by news outlets, talkback shows, national media and magazines.


Ferrier has written a feature film titled "Angry Underwear" based on the project of the same name, which has already been shortlisted for the Sundance Film Lab in 2018 and is the recipient of Screen Australia Story Development funding. 


Ferrier will exhibit documentation of the original project at NOIR Gallery in Melbourne in February 2018, along with her collection of 'Angry Underwear'.




Noir welcomes their first international exhibition by Brooklyn, NY based artist Negin Sharifzadeh. 'Inspector Sorrow' is built around a film that hasn't yet been made, and might never be, a collection of ephemera. Throughout this body of work there are narratives that link back to Negin's upbringing in Iran as well as the current political landscapes of the U.S.  


The exhibition is an interactive narrative based on a sci-fi/noir script, set in the future and the present, via a psychotic break or the manipulations of a criminal mastermind. A cat and mouse chase between Inspector Sorrow and Alice, the story's fractured femme fatale, told through video storyboards, soundscapes, interactive props and ebooks.


Artists probing and objecting in the era of alternative facts
2 exhibitions - 2 films