Konnichiwa, Gringos

Rosalind Pach, Claire & Bob Agnew

Exhibition Opening Thursday February 13th

Image by Ros Pach




Japan and Mexico: two countries steeped in antiquity and tradition, but two countries that have described very different trajectories in the modern world.


Photographers Ros Pach and Claire and Bob Agnew have used photographs of their travels to reflect opposing aspects of these countries; Ros emphasising traditional but modern Japan, the Agnews focusing on Mexico’s pre-Columbian and colonial past.


The photographers have employed techniques that reflect their respective emphases. While they each shot film, Ros has scanned her exposures incorporating digital manipulation so that some of her images appear almost as negatives; the Agnews have cleaved to traditional processes, printing their negatives to reflect Mexico’s immutable past.


The exhibition shows how countries can be framed through the photographer’s lens to create a unique portrait.

Image by the Agnews

Image by the Agnews


Eschewing typical “holiday snaps”, the artists demonstrate how travel not only

broadens the mind, but can also broaden the lens. Documenting a country through

travel is often not about concentrating on standard images of a country’s obvious

attractions; via the medium of analogue photography, the artists take different

perspectives on a country’s present (Japan) and past (Mexico).