Lucy Goosey

Women's Art Collective


The Lucy Goosey Women’s Art Collective was formed in 2019. Bringing together creative women living in the Banyule/Darebin/Moreland areas, supporting and encouraging their creative practice. A small yet expanding group of women meet regularly to discuss both the historical and current role of women in the arts with aim to expand opportunities for women in the art sector.


Gallery Walkthrough

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Julie Twomey

IG: @julietwomey_art



Julie Twomey works predominantly with mixed media on paper. Her themes are based around the idea of a decaying industrial landscape. Julie has exhibited in solo and group shows around Melbourne. Her most recent was a group exhibition as part of the Blender Art Project at Docklands in 2018. Teaching Visual Arts in a secondary school keeps her buzzing with ideas and communicating the importance of art history in a contemporary context. 


IG: thechickwhodraws_


erincox is an art school drop-out who has a Biology degree. Creating and exhibiting consistently throughout the past two decades. erincox is recognised for her quirky gestural drawings, though she is accomplished in a wide variety of media. Currently erincox’s art focuses on feminism and femininity, exploring these themes through many lenses such as sexuality, gender, spirituality and mythology. 

Jo Massey


IG and facebook: @ecooddly


Jo enjoys practical producing and creating as a means to relax and process. Jo works with metals making jewellery and sculptures; textiles using eco printing techniques and printmaking. 

Georgia Laughton

IG: @georgia_laughton


Georgia Laughton is a mostly-Melbourne-based artist working in a wide range of media, with a focus on fine-art and social-documentary photography, lithography and painting with oils. Raised in country Victoria, Laughton is now a self-described 'inner-city soy-latte-sipping greenie' whose subjects include animal rights, the environment and interrogating traditional notions of beauty.

While Laughton strongly believes in art as a form of activism, her work remains personal, grounded and sometimes whimsical as she explores her own place in the world. Expressing the tension between the didactic and the intimate in her paintings, she points to her recurring theme of birds; 'sometimes it's a metaphor and sometimes it's just a bird'.



IG: lovely_lady_fox


Fox is a queer, feminist, fat, socialist, collage artist born in Kalgoorlie and residing in Melbourne. Fox is interested in building safer spaces and challenging violence in communities through art. 

Luna Cameron-Parrish (Amethyst Moon Art)

IG: @lunacameronparrish

Facebook: Amethyst Moon Art ( )


Luna Cameron-Parrish (AKA Amethyst Moon) is a mixed media artist and sculptor.  She describes her style as diverse, eclectic and quirky, with a penchant for mildly dark humour and  subversive elements.

Luna is interested in using art to explore everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, but increasingly it is the ridiculous that comes through more strongly. Being particularly baffled by the absurdity of modern life, human indifference and the state of the planet, Luna is searching for ways to question her part in all the nonsense. Currently she is trying to inject more humour into her art to counteract the feelings of anxiety, frustration and impotence that all of this invokes.


Her work has been shown in galleries in New Zealand, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, with her most recent representation being at In.cube8r Gallery in Fitzroy, the annual Toorak Sculpture Exhibition and the Australian National Brooch Show.

Katie Theodorus

IG: @katie_theodorus


Katie Theodorus works in acrylics, watercolour, soft sculpture and mixed media. Irony figures large in her work, addressing serious subjects with a satirical twist. Lately she has been exploring the increasingly blurred edges between ‘fact’ and conspiracy, truth and post-truth.