No More Flamingoes and Pinapples Please

Resident NOIR artist GEO says farewell to NOIR Darkroom with a banging exhibition 'No More Flamingoes and Pinapples Please' - An exhibition about how much plastic sucks!

This is a very temporary show only on display for a few days after the official opening on Friday the 28th from 6pm - 10pm. GEO has compiled the show over the week and a half previous to the opening within the space and is a site specific representation of the current state of consumer culture.


GEO points out that despite modern trends of good intentions in regards to the environment and landfill, we are all still a big part of the consumer cycle. 


Using inflatables as a symbol of current culture GEO explores the way in which society moves to ban the bag! The same bags previously used to carry the eve growing common unnecessary trendy 'plastic' purchases.


It is also noted that even the medium chosen to express the works plays a big role in adversely affecting the environment, this show's underlying comment is that we, as society, disregard some forms of consumption as normality, or unnecessarily necessary, whilst being quick to declare others as a problem.

Opening Night (on 35mm film)