Autumn signifies change, transition, an alternating state.  A phase in a cycle.  A thread in the pattern.


I began with a change of painting technique.  Predominantly using spray cans and pallet knives over my usual modus operandi of brushwork.


A pattern of white lines becomes material, from which a carnivalesque face emerges.  It doesn't seem to know whether to laugh or cry.  Is it pretty, or creepy?  Perhaps its a mask...  Plastered on willingly, defiantly smiling as winters icy talons reach out to steal the warmth and light.  At least it looks cosy under all those layers.


Thoughts drift to celestial orbits, spherical beings moving through time and space.  Planetary weight repeating a cycle, each phase a distinctive note in the rhythm.  A simple action on a geological scale weaving an immense web of complexity.  Nature dances with a symphony of chemicals and biology, trees shed their leaves fertilising the soil, matter alternates from soft tissue into bone, and back.

In depicting the evolution of an idea, these works exemplify their subject.