Our Shadows

Various Artists

Curated by Melbourne Uni Masters Curators

*image credit @ryanqphotography

'Our Shadows' is an exhibition curated by the Melbourne Uni Masters of Curatorship.


It has been wholly organised by curators Last Jacomos, Amelia Saward and Maria Thanaraj.


When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.


Our Shadows is an exhibition exploring the darker side of society. Exhibiting at NOIR Darkroom form October 3rd.


Please Contact lisa.jacomos@gmail.com for more information.

Exhibiting Artists

Kelly Gray

Keira Hudson

Bambi Johnson

Stephanie Kam


Mahla Karimian 

Olivia Mroz

Ryan Quinlan 

Matt Salvo

Jessica Schwientek

Amy Turrini



"Our Shadows seeks to explore the darker side of humanity. These ‘shadows’ permeate our lived experiences and contribute to worldwide instability, conflict and suffering. Conscious or subconscious prejudices are paradoxically an ever continuous source and response to this

trauma, acting as both a causative agent or an after effect. Though disasters, pain and suffering are an ever present part of the human condition, there remains an inherent shock felt when atrocities or pain are realised. Is this ignorance? Maybe forgetfulness? Or a repression of the

negative in favour of positive stories? Whatever our collective response to trauma and tragedy, a dark side of humanity is an ever constant fact of life that must be recognised."

Image by: Jessica Schwientek

Image by: Keira Hudson

Image by: Matthew Salvo

Image by: Olivia Mroz

Exhibition Catalogue
Download the 'Our Shadows' exhibition catalogue here.
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