"Piece of Me" - A Group Exhibition Curated by Emily Dunstan and Ramona Pope

Curator's Statement



"Piece of Me" engages with both emerging and established artists, as well as the community, to create a unique look at human behaviour, concerning itself with how we project ourselves onto one another.


This group exhibition is inspired by a quote from author R.M. Drake:


"Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love".


The exhibition will open Friday 27th October until Sunday 5th November at NOIR Darkroom.

Featured artists include:


Billy Hume / Arcade

Gen E Veve

Madeline Holland

James Wilson

Jackie Goedhart

Amelia Bowen

Kerri Manias



Wandi Cao

Lisa Jacomos

Karen Crawford

Abigail Butler

Fox Smoulder

Nicholas Burridge

Katie Theodorus



Kiera Mahoney

Florence Rockwell

Mark Grant

Elaine Ambler

Kate Ambler

Lucas Maddock