Some Words Put Together in a Melancholy, But Beautiful Kinda Way

A group exhibition exploring the lived experience of depression and the catharsis of the creative process. Curated by Angela Cornish


So often depression is represented by stereotypical images. These representations do little but parody the condition.


This show is an honest look from the inside out.


The artists who were selected for Some Words Put Together in a Melancholy, But Beautiful Kinda Way use their creative process as a way to express their inner most self.


The works are eclectic in medium and approach. From day to day despondency to methods of self care. What they all have in common is authenticity. 


The aim of this exhibition is to allow honest conversations and to contribute to the destigmatisation of mental health.


All the artists involved have shown courage in so openly discussing their experience of depression in their art.


The exhibition will also feature a curated slideshow from #TooTiredMelbourne, an Instagram based open call in collaboration with the Too Tired Project from the US.


Contributing Artists


Frances Cannon

Jessica Schwientek

Amanda Whiteside

Kira Young

Eva Lubulwa

Victoria Finnerty

Cielle Van Vurren

Ruby Knight

Chelsea Arnott

Ryley Remedios





Emma 'Ruby' Armstrong-Porter

Fiona Waters

Soma Garner

Skye Williams

Felix Atkinson

Angela Cornish

Janelle Silver

Andrew David

Ebonee Kotsaris

Rebekah Halls

and the #TooTiredMelbourne slideshow


Ryley Remedios

Rebekah Halls

Victoria Finnerty

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Some Words Put Together in a Melancholy,
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