A group show curated by Jessica Schwientek

 STAY SAFE is a visual exploration of social discourse through the eyes of artists identifying as female or non binary.

The ‘Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’ movements have catalysed a rapid shift in the public consciousness of the female/non-binary experience.


NOIR Darkroom continues this conversation in the upcoming exhibition Stay Safe.


The social zeitgeist is dominated with narratives from a male point of view. Stay Safe offers an alternative, exhibiting works from sixteen artists identifying as either female or non-binary. 


In this exciting show, artists will dissect social discourse through the lens of a female/non-binary gaze. 


Each artist comes from various disciplines, representing Melbourne’s contemporary art scene.


STAY SAFE will exhibit from October 10th to 28th with the official opening night on Friday the 12th of October.

Exhibiting Artists

Chelsea Arnott

Katie Banakh

Meghan Rose Black (Griffiths)

Angela Cornish


Soma Garner


George Ironside

Lisa Jacomos

Melanie Lazarow

Maddy Lyons


Amanda Santuccione


Jessica Schwientek

Fox Smoulder

Sian Song

Toots McGee

Katie Theodorus

Sarah Walker

Exhibition Catalogue
STAY SAFE Exhibition Catalogue.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 16.7 MB

Work By erincox

Work By Lisa Jacomos

Work By Maddy Lyons

Work By Melanie Lazarow