We Got Chemistry Baby

Curated by - Jessica Schwientek & Angela Cornish


We Got Chemistry Baby is a love affair with photography. It is driven by passion, instinct, and desire. 

Comprised of artists working across Australia this group exhibition showcases photography as a diverse medium with endless outcomes. Focussed on chemistry-based processes such as silver gelatin, cyanotype, van dyke brown and wet plate collodion. We Got Chemistry Baby is a survey of photographic history.


This relationship with photography is not strictly monogamous either; as artists mingle with other media, fusing the analogue with digital, the chemical process with painting and printmaking as well as pushing traditional silver gelatin processes to new limits.


Exhibition dates: 4 - 15 December 2019,

Opening night: 6 December, 7pm - 10pm


Featuring Artists:

Santina Velo, Kay Armstrong, Stephanie Garner, Kate Hodgetts, 

Peter Vincent, Alex Meagher, Denise M. Lawry, Juliet Fraser, Kody O’Neill, 

Camille Perry, Keira Hudson, Milli Young, Klari Agar, Angela Cornish, 

Lou Corrie, Keely Varmalis, Kay Armstrong, Ezz Monem, Jessica Schweinek, Fiona Shewan, Xander Linger

We Got Chemistry Baby Catalogue
we got chemistry baby- catalogue.pdf
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