Window Shopping

Vicki Clissold

September 5th - 16th in NOIR Darkroom's Window Gallery

In the series Window Shopping, Vicki explores a somewhat light-hearted, nostalgic manifestation at our changing environment.


Some may ask, “what is window shopping?” Well it was known as an informal quest to seek out recent fashions and wares by gazing through shop windows without the pressure of actually buying anything. Back in the day cash was needed to be able to spend it and laybys were a convenient option provided you had a small deposit. If not, then the leisurely stroll down the local shopping strip just to pass the time of day was just as pleasurable. A rarity in our busy lives today.


Evidently as small business and single fronted shops close their doors the consequence effects whole communities. Window shopping into emptiness or windows covered with newspapers is not ideal. What was once familiar can significantly disturb the routines especially those of our elderly citizens


Appearing with her paintings Vicki has also constructed a diorama mostly from found objects located around her home and studio. Especially significant to the artist is that she has purposefully included precious little boxes that were kindly bestowed to her by a dear friend. Most of which relate to ‘art’ with quaint ageing labels conveniently suitable to the aesthetic of the piece and therefore have not been altered. The rest has been dutifully cut and pasted with actual hands.