A Very NOIR Holidays

Open Call for Artists

Registrations for our ART Kris Kringle are now OPEN!


This year we have decided to celebrate another long year with a big non religious affiliated end of year art exhibition/party and art Kris Kringle.


Exhibiting artists will create a work for somebody else and in turn have a work created for them. These artworks will be exchanged at the big exhibition opening/party where artists can also enjoy complimentary celebratory food and drinks.




Attendees and exhibiting artists of 'A Very NOIR Holidays' should expect food, drinks, dancing, dress ups, a photo booth, holiday crackers and much, much more.






Artists can register for an exhibition place below


Registrations close 10pm November 7th



- Artists register via the NOIR Darkroom website (below)

- Artists may nominate another artist to take part in the exhibition

- Artists are issued with an invoice for the registration fee (you can read about registration fees at the end of this page)

- Once registration is confirmed each artist will be assigned another exhibiting artist (this must be kept a secret until the opening exhibition/party) 

- Artist will make a small artwork (20x20cm or smaller) especially for their assigned artist or gift an existing small artwork

- Works must be delivered to NOIR Darkroom prior to the installation date

- Works will be installed and exhibited at NOIR Darkroom

- Artists will attend the big exhibition opening/party where they will find out which artwork is theirs to take home
- Fun times will be had at the exhibition opening/party


If you have any questions please contact us

Register to exhibit here

Please read the fine print below before registering to exhibit


NOIR Darkroom will endeavour to confirm your registration within 3 NOIR working days. Invoices will be sent to your email along with your confirmation. 

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


The fine print


- Registrations close 10pm November 7th

- The registration fee is non refundable

- All artworks must be 20x20cm or smaller

- Artists are limited to one entry in the exhibition

- Entries are not official until the registration fee has been paid

- Works must be appropriate and of a reasonable standard

- It is recommended that artists do not spend too much on the materials of their piece. Try limit yourself to $25

- We will try assign artists that we think will appreciate each others work but also those that may not have previously met

- Artist will receive links to their assigned artists Instagram and websites so they can see who they are making an art for

- Work does not have to be made specifically for the assigned artist but should be gifted with the assigned artist in mind

- Closer to December we will need photos of artworks/wip to be emailed to us so we can start our marketing and production of the digital catalogue

- We will email all exhibiting artist after the closure of submissions to confirm all important details, including artwork drop off dates

- Artworks MUST be delivered to the gallery within the time period provided (dates will be confirmed soon)

- Participating artists will be allowed to take their newly gifted artwork home with them straight off the wall at the exhibition opening/party

- Art swaps are permitted if artists wish to trade amongst themselves

- Artist will receive complimentary food and drinks at the opening event. All other patrons will be able to purchase beverages from the bar via donation


- Any final works deemed inappropriate or offensive may be disqualified. In this rare instance there will be a reshuffling of the artists involved





The registration fee


Artists are required to pay a registration fee of $30 to take part in the exhibition.


Why, you may ask?


This registration fee helps cover lots of gallery expenses including rent during the exhibition period, bills, rates, insurance etc.


It also helps pay for catering and beverages for the opening, marketing, installation tools/materials, administration costs and all the little things that go into hosting an exhibition.


Generally these exhibition fees do not even nearly cover all of our costs and we fund exhibitions through other streams such as selling drinks to the public on opening night, teaching our workshops and running other programs within the space.


Our gallery wouldn't function without the generous contribution of all of our volunteers and interns that help keep the doors open. So make sure to pay your fee promptly and next time you are in the space hug a volunteer...or Jess, Jess needs lots of hugs to function.