Another NOIR Holidays

Art Kris Kringle

NOIR’s annual end of year celebration is back again!

Curated by Jessica Schwientek and Madi Whyte.



Registrations are now open to be a part of our end-of-year show ‘Another NOIR Holidays’. The show is an art exchange where you will be assigned an artist with similar interests as you and you create a work as a gift to them; in return, you will receive an artwork from another anonymous artist.


The show opens for one night only on the 20th of December from 7-10pm

This is also the official NOIR end of year party.

$25 admin fee payable if accepted 

Small works only, under 30cm x 30cm


You don’t have to have a concept for the work yet, you can decide once you are given your artist. Once you are assigned, we will provide you with their social media links so you can have a bit of a stalk and make work to suit.


To keep things fair we ask that all materials are kept under a $25 budget, obviously this does not include the value of the finished work. The work can be pre-existing or new. It also doesn’t have to be holiday themed, just suited for the receiver. 


The arty party will include a photo booth, plenty of cheesy nibbles, fun music and drinks (by donation). During the opening night you will find out which artwork will become yours forever and be able to take it home with you directly off the wall.



Submissions Open Now

Closing the 29th of November 10pm

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

You will only be invoiced the $25 registration fee if you are accepted and we will assign you your Kris Kringle giftee as soon as we find the best match for you. This may be at differing times for everyone that applies. Any further questions please contact us.