Art School Drop Out/In Project

An Exhibition Experiment

Open Call for Artists NOW

July 31st - August 18th


NOIR's Art School Drop Out/In Project is an experiment in putting a group exhibition in the hands of the artists themselves.


Facilitated by NOIR Director Jessica Schwientek and fine artist Chelsea Arnott, this project will allow artists to have an input and sense of control over all aspects of a group show. From exhibition conceptualisation to curation and everything in between.


Spanning over 3 weeks this will be a fast paced art project where artist will have the opportunity to use the NOIR Gallery as a drop in art studio for the duration of the project and partake in a number of workshops and voluntary critique sessions.



Register to take part at the end of this page


Whether you are an art school dropout, a graduate missing the connection with other artists or simply want to partake in an alternative exhibition project this is the project for you.


Pushing away from the overbearing and unnecessarily conceptual and performative outputs of academia we are employing a positive environment and artist first attitude. All artist ideas will be heard and only practical advice will be given during critique sessions. 


*Please note the image on the open call flyer is intended as a joke reflecting the results of academic art practices...we know...we are very funny!


Key Dates


Friday July 26th Compulsory for ALL ARTISTS - 7:00pm

- First group meeting. Introductions, breakdown of schedule, conception of theme/s and workshop schedule. Light food and refreshments provided.


Wednesday July 31st - 10:00am

- First day of access to the space, allocation of studio spaces. Artists in attendance get first workspace preferences.


July 31st - August 11th

- NOIR Gallery space is open to artists to use as a drop in studio space during regular opening hours (Wednesday to Friday 10am-6pm and Weekends 12pm-6pm). The darkroom will be available for those participants working in photographic mediums but by appointment only.


During this time critique sessions and workshops will be scheduled. Dates and times will be determined during our first group meeting.


Sunday August 11th - Compulsory for ALL ARTISTS - 4:00pm

- Important exhibition meeting. Discussion of curation, titles, marketing and all exhibition details. Assigning of roles (installation, room sheets, catalogue, exhibition essay, online media, design etc.)


August 12th - August 15th

- Exhibition preparation, use of facilities, installation and gallery open to the public.


Dates and deadlines for this period will be determined in our first meeting and our exhibition meeting.


Friday August 16th - Compulsory for ALL ARTISTS -

Exhibition Opening 7:00pm to 10:00pm

- Exhibition open to the public.


Sunday August 18th - Compulsory for ALL ARTISTS - Deinstall 4:00pm to 6:00pm

- Wrap up of exhibition, project feedback, deinstallation of gallery and patch and painting of walls.






What kind of artists will be involved?

We are seeking a range of artists working in various media but have a strict egos at the door policy. Our space is intended to be utilised by artists working together and learning off each other to reach a common goal.


Costs (what are you paying for)? 

All artists are required to pay a non refundable $75 registration fee prior to commencement of the project.


We are not a commercial or a government funded gallery space so this fee will help cover our running costs during the project such as rent, utilities, insurance etc. All of our staff are volunteers and we do not profit off your gallery fees.


How many artists will be involved?

We are ideally looking for between 15-20 artists to take part in the project to adequately cover our costs. This may change depending on the number of registrations and their art practices. Our goal is to have a group of artists that can work together well.


Can you use the darkroom?

NOIR Darkroom facilities will be open to all who wish to work in analogue photographic mediums free of charge but this is via appointment only as the darkroom is still available to public bookings and artists must provide their own film and/or paper.


Will art materials be provided for you?

We do not provide any physical art materials for this project, you are expected to provide your own. We will, however, seek to gather donations from people/businesses over the coming weeks. Depending on the workshops available we will provide as much of the materials for these as we can.


Can you use the space after hours?

We understand that not everyone will be able to use the space during our usual business hours and may require altering times. We will try our best to cater to your needs but also need our regular times off/away from the gallery. As mentioned before we are all volunteers and cannot be available all of the time. Consult with us if you need special time allocations.

*We understand that everyone has different commitments and will not be able to attend all scheduled dates. Artists will have varying times on site working on the project but artists MUST be available for all compulsory sessions and willing to complete any roles that are assigned to them for the project. If you cannot commit to all of the compulsory sessions and assigned roles please do not apply.

Register to Take Part

***Before registering to partake please ensure you are available for the compulsory key dates listed above.



Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


You will be invoiced for the $75 registration fee ONLY if you are successfully chosen to partake in the project. We will send all confirmations and invoices by 6pm July 20th.