Fat Feminism

Curated by erincox

Submissions Open Now!


Fat Feminism is a collaborative show exploring the intersection of fat and feminism.

Artists (of any and all genders and sizes) are invited to contribute art (of any medium) that discusses, educates and/or raises awareness of fat feminist themes – the why and how fat is a feminist issue in today’s society. 



The show aims to not only include art that positively showcases fat persons but also art that speaks directly to how gender politics and size influences discrimination. 


Themes of fat shaming, obesity stigma, media portrayal, diet culture, sexuality and gender discrimination specific to fatness, along with personal and individual reflections will be tackled.  


We aim to create a safe space for all to explore this themeas we are aiming to illuminate the specific discrimination that people of size face and how gender politics may influence this.


Please be aware this may potentially be a triggering show for some people.


To compliment the exhibit a fat life drawing event will be held. As people of size are generally underrepresented in a life drawing context and that we believe that exploring and celebrating a diverse range of body types increases acceptance we will be running a life drawing night with a fat model  (entry $25 each, seats limited, tickets here).



Do I have to have a finished work to submit an application?

No. As long as you have a great idea for a work and are certain it will be finished by the delivery date you can submit an application.


When do I find out if I have been accepted into the exhibition?

We will be processing submissions one day every week and aim to let you know within 7 days of receiving your submission.


How much does it cost to exhibit?

It costs artists $35 per artwork entry into the exhibition. If your works are larger than the allotted wall space there may be an extra fee or if your works are smaller you may be able to have a few small works for the cost of one entry.


How big can my artworks be?

Artworks are limited to 40 x 40cm max in size. If your works are larger please contact us and we may be able to assist you with an additional fee. If your works are significantly smaller and you can fit multiple in the 40x40cm area please also contact us.


How do I pay for the exhibition fee?

You will be issued and invoice for the exhibition fee ONLY if you are accepted into the show.


Why do I have to pay an exhibition fee?

There are a lot of costs that go into running an exhibition and this fee will help the curator cover them. The curator needs to pay for the gallery hire (rent, utilities, insurance etc) as well as a number of administration and installation fees that go along with it.


If I drop out of the exhibition can I get my exhibition fee back?

No. All exhibition fees are non refundable. If you are accepted into the exhibition and fail to produce the artwork submitted on time you cannot be refunded of your exhibition fee. The curator and gallery still have to perform a lot of administration in terms of your application and artwork even if your work doesn't make it on the wall and that work is generally doubled if we have to remove you.






When does the artwork have to arrive at the gallery?

Artworks MUST be delivered to NOIR Darkroom in person or by post during business hours (W-F 11-6pm S-S 12-6pm) the week before installation 18th - 22nd September. If your work is not delivered by the last day it will not be exhibited. You cannot deliver artworks any earlier as the gallery does not have long term art storage facilities.


Does the gallery take commission on artwork sales?

No. NOIR does not take commission on any artwork sales but they also do not handle any money on your behalf. NOIR will connect purchasers with artists and facilitate a sale but it is the artists responsibility to collect payments and arrange artwork delivery.


Where will the exhibition be promoted?

The exhibition will be promoted through all of A Plus Market's networks and all of NOIR Darkroom's networks. Each artist should also promote to their friends, colleagues and supporters.


Do I have to install my own work in the gallery? 

No. Gallery staff and the curator will determine layout and position of works, if you have a specific need we will take it into account but the final decision lies with the curator.

About the Curator


Erin Cox is a local artist and fat activist who is the founder and organiser of A Plus Market an inclusive plus size fashion market in Melbourne.

About the Gallery


NOIR is a female and queer run space that also happens to be in the plus size. NOIR is committed to facilitating emerging artists to flourish as well as creating social change through art.


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***You will only be invoiced for the exhibition fee if you are accepted into the exhibition.