Myanmar Mornings

Kit Andrews


Revelations from early-morning walks in Yangon, Myanmar.


Whereas photographs ‘capture’ an image, Artist Kit Andrews believes drawings and paintings ‘reveal’ something more about the subject, and about the artist. Especially when you can add your own interpretation of what you see and what you think the subject might be seeing through their own eyes.


Yangon is a ‘messy’ city, a mixture of the old and new, the sacred and the profane, tradition and modernity, men and women struggling to come to terms with conflict, loss, hardship, false freedoms and alien cultures.


At no time is this awakening more revealed than in the early morning as construction workers gather like birds on a wire, kids set to schoolwork or selling seeds, women wait for buses to appear from the maelstrom of Yangon traffic, Buddhist monks pad gently through the streets seeking alms, and the distant plaintiff sound can be heard of a muezzin calling Muslims to prayer.


Amongst all this, taking care not to trip over the broken paving stones or obstruct people busying their way to earn a living, an Australian tourist wanders with his sketchbook.

Kit Andrews is a resident of Coburg and works at RMIT University. Kit is currently completing a PhD on how

an Australian university responds to the expressed need for basic education in Myanmar. The sketches and

paintings were produced as a result of visits to Yangon in Myanmar and form part of an eclectic art portfolio

that includes portraits, landscapes and interpretations of masterpieces from favourite artists.