Obscuring the Camera

Group Exhibition

Curated by Jessica Schwientek

Assistant Curator Nicholas Brunker

Open call for submission


We are currently accepting submissions for our group exhibition 'Obscuring the Camera'.


Artist should be considering the framework of the photographic medium and experimenting inside and beyond those bounds. We want to see works that challenge the day to day conventions of photography as well as those that knowingly embrace and subvert them.


The standard camera itself should be an irrelevant tool in the creation of these artworks. Photography in this instance is a conceptual idea that does not follow a strict set of rules. Although a standard camera might be used to create a work, it should not be the driving force of the work.


We acknowledge photography as being any process that utilises light as it's medium. However, works for this particular exhibition must be 2D, formatted for print and may not be installation or moving image.


Submissions are open to national and international applicants.


Once approved all works will be uniformly Giclee printed by Hound and Bone fine art printers to 12" x 16" and exhibited at NOIR Darkroom Gallery.


 Submissions close October 1st*


*If gallery capacity is fulfilled before this date submissions may close early.


Entry $75 per work



  • Works printed as an archival Giclee print on  fine art paper at 12" x 16"
  • Promotion of the exhibition/works online through our usual networks
  • Artworks exhibited at NOIR Darkroom Gallery from October 31st - November 25th with an opening night on November 2nd
  • Works available for sale during the exhibition with no commission withheld from the gallery *conditions apply
  • Complimentary beverage on opening night
  • Works and artist statements listed on our website and within a digital catalogue
  • Unsold prints available to be picked up by the artist *Additional costs apply if to be posted




The entry fee breaks down to be our standard $35 fee for art exhibitions plus the costs included with fine art printing of each work. If you want to know more about what your entry fee goes toward, please do not hesitate to contact us for a cost breakdown.

How to submit


To take part in the exhibition simply fill out the 'Apply to Exhibit' form below ensuring to upload a high resolution copy of your artwork/s.


Artists are permitted to submit a maximum of 3 works and will be charged at $75 per artwork.


All submissions are peer reviewed before being approved for exhibition and artists will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible by gallery staff.


If an artwork is NOT accepted for exhibition the artist will be notified and refunded the full exhibition fee at the time of notification.


Applications MUST include all information marked with an asterisk. If only submitting one artwork please only upload one image and fill out the details for 'Image 1', you may leaves images 2 and 3 blank.


Images should be formatted to 12" x 16" at 300dpi and assigned to Adobe RGB (1998) colour profile. 


For any enquiries please contact us here.

Proudly Partnering With

Artist remain the legal owner of their works and will have the opportunity to sell their work during the exhibition.


NOIR Darkroom takes no commission on sales under the provisor that all financial transactions are performed privately between the artist and purchaser. If NOIR Darkroom is required to perform a financial transaction on the artists behalf a fee will be applied.


A low resolution copy of artworks will be stored on NOIR Darkroom's website but all hi res files will be destroyed after the exhibition concludes and the artist remains in control of all images.