Seeds of the Sinner

Robert Duxbury

 Seeds of the Sinner invites us to explore morality and aversion.


The question on offer is not a simple matter of beauty or the grotesque, instead it is about the conflict which arises from deriving pleasure from elegant renderings of macabre imagery. Is it a primal aversion or a moral dilemma that repels us? Is it a predetermined instinct or something we have been conditioned to reject? The artist asks the viewer to contemplate if it is a conscious or unconscious judgement which guides their response to the work.


Robert Duxbury draws inspiration from the haphazard complexities and beautiful decay of the natural world. Binding flora and fauna into poeticly macabre compositions with the use of brush and ink on paper.

Duxbury spent several years living in the Guangdong province of China where he studied traditional Chinese Gongbi and ink wash painting styles. Through the process of committing himself to the meticulous techniques of the unforgiving medium he takes elements from the traditional style shaping it into his own interpretation.