Abe Dunovits 

Me, myself and I, the royal we, meme, it's always been me, where am I from? I am from North Meeself. 


Who am I? A bomb. Whom bomb? A bomb about to go off. But you can't say that these days. 


Everything is poetry. I am poetry. And pottery, broken and about to be put together by you.

The concept behind Abe Dunovits' solo exhibition 'SELFI' is the exploration of the self through everyday photographs, images and videos.


The ironic juxtaposition of a seemingly self-obsessed man who is not actually young or good-looking is the opposite of what the concept of 'SELFI' was supposed to be. This show is the celebration of normality and absurdity; how absurd normality can be and how normal absurdity can be.


It fits into a contemporary format of common everyday expression.



"When I started drawing myself, the internet as we know it today did not exist yet. And now people take selfies with their phones at any moment and place in time. But people can still look at themselves intimately in a mirror and draw their own faces. And film ourselves on a dashboard camera when we are bored on the road".