This Moment - A Group Exhibition

Submissions Now Open!


'This Moment' is an exhibition exploring themes of stillness; of empty moments, passing time and the space between thoughts.


Submissions are now open for all creative media responding to the theme.


The exhibition will be on display at NOIR Darkroom main gallery from February 21st until March 18th.

How to Apply:

$30 Entry Fee (+ $15 for each additional work)

Entries close 5pm February 2nd


Send submissions via e-mail to


1-3 images of each submitted work

All artwork information (title, year, medium, size)

Short artist statement (100 - 250 words about the submitted works)

Sale price (if you wish to sell)


Additional Information:

The fine print...


Entry Fee:

The $30 entry fee includes 1 x artwork and all expenses involved with installing, and exhibiting the artwork. You may submit more than 1 artwork at an additional cost of $15 per work.


Payment of Entry Fee:

You will only be charged for the entry fee if your works are accepted into the show. You will receive an invoice along with your acceptance notice which must be paid as soon as possible in order to confirm your participation in the exhibition.


Submitted Works:

You may submit works that are unfinished or still in the developmental stage, but you MUST supply us with enough information to judge it's suitability for the exhibition. In this case, please provide us with any WIP images, mock ups, plans and a good artist statement discussing the ideas behind the works. Pre existing works may also be submitted.


Artwork Information: 

We understand that you may not have all artwork information available at the time of submission but ask you send as much as you can. You can always update us with any new information at any stage prior to the exhibition, but it is important for us to have as much accurate information possible to be able to curate and represent the exhibition.


Artist Statements:

The artist statement you provide is very important to us. It helps us to better understand your work. These statements are generally available for the public on our website and occasionally in catalogues that support the exhibition. We do not always have them on display with the works but it is still essential for each artist to provide one.


Artwork Restrictions:

There are no major restrictions in regards to submissions. There is no limit on number of submitted works (although you will be charged for each work) and there is no official size restriction, but we do ask you to be mindful of submitting large works as they will not be accepted if they will put the rest of the show off balance. Any artworks deemed to be offensive will not be accepted. This includes racism, homophobia, sexism and any inappropriate imagery. On this note we understand the fine line of political/confronting messages told through art and offensive work and will endeavour to use objective reasoning with all works.


Artwork Sales:

Yes you may list your artwork as being for sale and there is $0 commission. However, all artists are responsible to the physical sale of their own work. NOIR will assist in networking and providing contact details to prospective buyers but will NOT perform the final sale. This allows artist to be in control of their own finances and will not have to provide us with ABN's and tax information. This means NOIR will not process any payments through their eftpos on your behalf. Some great ways artists have finalised sales in the past are instant bank transfers, PayPal transfers and cash. Smartphones allow many of these payments to be instantaneous. You MUST let gallery staff know of any sales so we can make sure your work has a red dot.


Special Requirements:

If you have any specialty requirements in regards to your submission please inform us along with your submission. This means we can get on top of is asap. This includes unconventional installation, video/digital works and performance pieces. 


Artist Expectations:

By submitting work into the exhibition you are agreeing to meet all deadlines and requests by gallery staff. Work must be delivered to the gallery within the dates provided (they will be announced at a later date) and work must be picked up upon the end of the show as we do not safe long term storage space. Works are expected to align with their submission/proposal and be of exhibition quality.


What We Are Looking For:

The most pertinent thing in artwork to us is the place in which it comes from. Art with meaning, emotional intent and art that tells stories always hit our radar first. We are not always interested in polished refined pieces but find more beauty in that which is raw and truthful.