Garage Sale

February 14th 10am - 2pm

For all who have asked we are hanging on to the majority of our darkroom gear for future projects and personal work. So there won't be any high end darkroom, scanning or camera gear available on the day.


But what will be available?


Good question! There will be a few entry level enlargers, excess darkroom gear such as contact frames, trays, jugs, tanks etc etc. There will be photography books, un serviced and untested cameras including vintage cameras like brownies, polaroid's, point and shoots and a few slr's.

There will be some lenses but not a lot, camera manuals and much much more little analogue things.


There will also be some gallery items available such as plinths, a filing cabinet, workshop table, a glass cabinet, other furniture and hardware/fixings.


There will even be some regular garage sale stuff like fridges and cushions and stools and whatever else we find around the place that we don't want to send to landfill.


There will be even FREE ZINES and some free artworks.

Come and grab a bargain. Card payments preferred if possible.


There definitely will not be any professional camera gear or high end brands available. Available gear is suited to amateurs and those first setting up a darkroom space but there will be some absolute gems at great prices.