Processing Black and White film at NOIR

NOIR darkroom is primarily focused on black and white photography and alternative printing practices. Our aim is to facilitate individuals to process their own black and white films and create their own photographic images in the darkroom.

We offer workshops for those who want to know how and we offer equipment and materials for those already in the know.


High Res Film Scanning

We also offer a digital scanning service for 135/120/sheet film. We can give you a quick lesson on how to use our Epson V800 film scanner, which you can then use for $10 an hour scanning the images you want at the size you need. AND we don't have to look at your private images.


We sell film

We have a modest range of 135 and 120 colour film in store and online, starting from $6 a roll.


Where to Develop Colour film C41

We don't currently process colour film at NOIR as it is complicated to do by hand in the darkroom. But with our DIY darkroom attitude would love to invest in a JOBO Auto Lab so you can immerse yourself in the colour developing process, but have less risk of losing the images on your film if you haven't developed colour before.


In the meantime, here is an ever developing list of photo labs in Victoria, Australia who develop colour film (and prices):

Geelong - Analog(ue) Academy offers 1 hour C-41 processing for $5 a roll. Its the most affordable lab we know and Dan and the crew are all passionate photographers. We often get our colour film processed here.



Fitzroy - Vanbar offer a four hour turn around on c-41 development for $8.80. If we don't have the type of film you want at NOIR darkroom Vanbar will, as well as the chemicals to develop it.



Melbourne CBD - DigiDirect offer 1 hour film development from $10 a roll, or you can go the bundle deal $16.95 for developing, 24 wet lab photo prints and a free roll of film (this deal takes approx 4 hours).




Collingwood - L&D One Hour Photo are fast and friendly. Joe offers c-41 film processing for about $9 a roll.

ph: 03 94174591


Fitzroy - Colour Factory are a professional photo lab and are held in high regard by fine artists for their developing and printing. They're prices reflect the quality of their work. Contact them for more details. They also print C type photos.



Carlton - Lygon Court 1 Hour Photo offer fast C-41 film processing from $5.50 a roll. James is very passionate about photography and has been developing films for more years than he can remember.

ph: 03 93474792


Castlemaine - Castlemaine Camera offer film developing. If you are in Castlemaine and are interested in photography why not check out the Castlemaine Camera Club.

Ph: (03) 5472 2857


North Melbourne - Prism Imaging offer C-41 film development from $11 a roll or $6.75 for students.



Frankston - Peninsula Camera offers a C-41 (developing only) from $8. They also offer a postal service for those unable to come to their store. You incur the extra price of postage but films are sent back after they have been processed.




Brunswick - Hillvale offer film processing from $5 with a 3-7 day turnaround. For sameday printing a 50% surcharge applies. They use a "dropbox" system, so you can leave your films for processing any time day or night or at these locations around Melbourne: Hillvale 16 Black street Brunswick, Doomsday Store in Fitzroy and Metropolis Bookshop on Swanston Street, 



Melbourne CBD - Micheals Camera Offers same day dip and dunk processing from $12

and budget (one week turnaround C41 only) for $5