Sophie Caligari


Australian photographer Sophie Caligari’s works explore themes of antiquity, memory, scientific study, human form as sculpture, and photographic theory. Known mostly for her wet plate collodion practice, Sophie’s use of meticulous composition and considered lighting design gives her subjects the governing voice in her work. Predominately exploring human and botanical subjects, Sophie’s work evokes ideas of femininity, nostalgia and fragility while transporting the observer to a place often described as ‘enigmatic and present yet wistful and sentimental’.


Trained by Ellie Young and Craig Tuffin, the best the Australian industry has to offer, she is currently Australia’s youngest commercial wet plate collodion photographer. While creating new alliances between cutting-edge LED studio lighting and antique processes, Sophie is bringing the practice of alternative process to the forefront of the Australian industry.

***Sophie is currently studying in New York

Emma Armstrong-Porter a multi-disciplinary artist and educator currently living and creating in Narrm/Melbourne.

Her work most probably employs the graphical yet organic nature of printmaking.

She also takes photographs of the often unseen (it's rubbish mostly).

Her art is influenced by the language of tattoos, living with mental illness, institutionalisation, consumerism and the changes and decay of this filthy world we live in, usually resulting in visual narratives.



Fox is a queer, feminist, fat, socialist, collage and visual artist born in Kalgoorlie. They are interested in building safer spaces and challenging violence in communities through art, and talking about personal and political issues with a kitsch aesthetic. Fox is working with art that engages ideas of chronic illness, disability, activism, accessibility, trauma, healing and community building.