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GEO / George Ironside


George Ironside / a.k.a GEO has spent most of her adult life surrounded by Urban Art. In 2004, GEO first picked up a spray can in a back alley of Brunswick, Melbourne. Since then her life has been a journey of love and admiration for street, graffiti and urban artists.


In 2008 GEO left Australia to travel Europe. She soon found that Berlin was a City rich in colour amidst a dark history.


While in Berlin, Geo founded 2 streetArt galleries between 2008 to 2013. The most known was WMSG (We Make Stuff Good) at the infamous Stattbad (Since demolished). In her time in Berlin GEO curated more than 250 exhibitions, founded 4 companies and managed countless artists from across the globe.


Since returning to Melbourne in 2013, GEO has worked as a freelance street / mural artist as well as a Disability Support Worker. 


She is currently working on an installation to highlight our City's issue with accessibility.