CRAP CRAFT has been postposed indefinitely

Our CRAP CRAFT sessions are an affordable low key afternoon of fun where participants can partake in a different craft every month without the pressure of a formal workshop.


A light afternoon tea and most materials are provided as part of your booking fee. Please check your session's specific details to see if there is something you are required to bring.  This is usually an object you will be customising.


Previous Sessions:

Crap Craft

Painting With Bob Ross 2


After an amazing first Painting With Bob Ross session that sold out quickly we decided to run one more...the people need Bobby.


In this session we tried to brighten up what has been a very dark winter with the landscape 'Pastel Winter'.


This was a challenging piece with many last minute additions but very participant successfully finished the painting. Despite a few Happy Accidents of course.



Make Your Own Angry Underwear with Tania Ferrier

In 1988 an incident at a strip club in New York, where Tania Ferrier worked, inspired her to create Angry Underwear; bras and pants with teeth and eyes on them. 

Initially for the strippers to wear on stage, Angry Underwear went from club land to become an international media sensation. Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Lauren Hutton, Reno and Odetta are amongst the celebrities who own Ferrier's bras.

Here are a few snaps from our previous Angry Underwear workshops.


Stud Yerself a Jacket

Painting with Bob Ross 3


Another fun set of evenings of painting with Bob Ross. 


In these sessions we focused on the amazing landscapes 'Days gone By' and 'Autumn Fantasy'.


As always it was messy and frustrating but also rewarding. All participants successfully finished their paintings and picked up some new found skills along the way.


Ceramic Painting

Today we had a great afternoon of ceramic painting. Everyone brought in their own ceramic object and together we created some pretty crappy crafts!


The participants learnt the basics of painting on ceramic surfaces and how to bring style and fun to everyday objects.


Little Lino Cuts

We were so caught up carving we forgot to take proper photo's of this CRAP CRAFT...OOOPS


But it was a very focussed session with excellent creations. There was one small stabbing but minimal injury sustained from this sharp session.


Participants designed and carved a postcard sized Lino plate and learnt how to print it professionally as well as at home.


Some savvy lino-ers used the session to recreate their small business logos for future stampage on branded items.


Making Mini Monsters

An awesome afternoon....errr and evening...making monstrous creatures out of felt.


Everyone made exceptional works of art that far surpassed their expectations.


The sessions actually extended all the way until 7pm with some very keen/addicted felters. Thankfully Uber Eats saved the evening giving us all energy to continue.

Crap Craft

Painting With Bob Ross


Our first painting with Bob Ross session was a blast. There were many happy accidents and even an appearance from a squirrel in the episode! Check out our interpretations of 'Before the Snow' ... because it is our world after all.


All photographs by Angela Cornish