School Holiday Program

September - October Workshops Announced Soon!

Here at NOIR Darkroom we offer a fun and unique set of workshops for kids/teens to help cure the school holiday blues. We have loads of experience working with kids; having worked alongside Boom Workroom, Courthouse Youth Arts and Central Geelong for several years adding to their vast school holiday programs. Our workshop tutors are fun and relatable making each class a creative experience for kids, not just another drab learning environment.


NOIR Darkroom is a great supportive space offering the chance for kids to try something new and think outside of the box. We encourage creative experimentation and work with small classes in order to offer adequate time and attention for each participant.


At this stage our workshops are aimed at kids aged 8-18 years of age, please check the specific age group for each individual workshop. Keep this in mind when making bookings as some content is not appropriate or within the abilities for younger kids. We will strive to have classes for the younger ones in the future.




Drawing - Bones and Still Life

In this workshop participants will join exhibiting artist Amber Smith on the final day of her show 'Tooth and Nail'.


In the spirit of 'Tooth and Nail' participants will be able to draw sustainably sourced animal skulls and bones as well as other curiosities.

Build A Camera

In this workshop participants will build their very own drawing/viewing box based on early camera technologies. This box will then be used to aide drawing from life which will be performed through several drawing exercises.

Print A T-Shirt

In this workshop participants will transform an idea into an image that will be used to create a screen/stencil that they will use to print their very own t-shirt.

Street Art 101

Resident NOIR artist GEO will take participants through an introductory journey into street art. Participants will learn about the artform as well as get a chance to create some of their own.

Film Camera 101

In this workshop participants will shoot and develop their very own roll of black and white film.


Please note that part of this class is a 'photo walk' in which we will walk around Coburg/Brunswick to take street/urban photography. Parents are welcome to join us or trust their children in our care. We will remain in a group at all times with at least 2 adults supervising.