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Melbourne Fashion Festival x NOIR Darkroom 2020 Program

In March 2020 as a part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival's Arts Program, NOIR Darkroom will be hosting a variety of analogue fashion film workshops. Run by artists specialising in alternative and experimental photographic techniques; Anjella Roessler and Keira Hudson.


Tintype (Wet Plate Collodion) Workshop with Keira Hudson

In this workshop, you will learn how to make your very own 4x5” tintypes using the wet plate collodion process, invented in the 1850s. Tintypes are positive images created by coating a black aluminium plate with collodion, sensitising it in silver

nitrate, and exposing it with a large format camera. The tintype is then developed, fixed, and washed in the darkroom, all before the plate dries out (hence the term “wet plate”). It takes between 10 - 20mins to create each plate.


You will get the opportunity to photograph a professional model with backdrops, costumes, and studio lighting, and create a wet plate fashion masterpiece of your very own!


Please note: some chemicals used in the wet plate process are volatile. Proper chemical handling/safety/disposal will be demonstrated at the start of the workshop and appropriate PPE will be provided. The workshop has limited numbers so the instructor can assist everyone safely.


Links to view Keira Hudson’s photography

Images by Keira Hudson

Large Format Photography               with Anjella Roessler

In this workshop, you will learn the process of an alternative form of large format fashion photography. Using paper negatives, you will work with a similar process to those of early photographers, but in a modern way. You will have the opportunity to direct and photograph a professional model with backdrops and lighting, and then scan and digitize the final image to create your own unique fashion image using this wonderfully fascinating process. 

Workshop numbers are strictly limited so that the instructor can give full attention to every student.


Appropriate for all skill levels. 

No prior experience necessary.


Links to view Anjella Roessler’s photography


Images by Anjella Roessler